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Thank you for visiting my page. The Santiago Trail or Camino de Santiago (French route) is a 500 mile (800k)  walk from southern France across the Pyrenees and west across Spain. This seemed a fitting challenge to raise funds for KASIN to support education in Nepal after the earthquake.

In 2013 I spent three weeks in Nepal trekking to Kala Patthar over 5,600m. During that time I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful group of people whose job it was to make sure we achieved our goal safely. These were the Sherpas we’ve heard so much about in recent weeks some of whom, along with thousands of other Nepalese people, have lost their lives after the recent earthquake. During our trek we passed through many villages and were always welcomed by everyone we met. These are such a warm and friendly people who have so much to contend with just living in such a harsh environment without such tragedies as earthquakes hitting them. This is my chance to help in some small way to rebuild their lives.

Whilst I was in Nepal I met the chairman of the KASIN charity whose remit is to improve education in the Kathmandu valley. KASIN is a small charity but almost every penny they raise goes directly to Nepal to help improve education. Needless to say, after the earthquake many of the school buildings are either damaged or completely destroyed so your donation is needed more than ever to rebuild and repair the schools so their education can continue.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to KASIN. Virgin Money Giving is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations you make.

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Deb and Jim,

    Following our discussion over lunch in relation to bedbugs…..it is a well known fact that bedbugs are a common part of the Camino Way as they like many of the pilgrims often ‘hitchhike’ from one destination to another. Don’t be mean let them enjoy the experience, let them share your map, the comfort of your clothes and your overnight accommodation. I think it is a bit extreme trying to get someone from Rentokil to accompany you both and if all else fails trying to pack a hoover in your rucksack!! I’m beginning to itch now so have to go.

  2. Deb & Jim
    I think you are missing the point of bed bugs. They are there to help you on your way. When you crawl into the warm dark white sheets and hear a very quiet voice say “come on boys it’s supper time” you can equate it to the sucker fish who clean the under bellies of the bigger ones. Be grateful you won’t need to shower the next day and you will feel keen to jump out of bed and flea the place in your eager trek!,

    It was lice to see you the other nit. I am sure this journey will tic all the right places.

  3. Hi Guys we are thinking about you as you set off. Have a great time it’s going to be a fab experience . Don’t forget to draw some of the sights you see, great to look back on later. Hope the walking goes well. Take care. sue & Chrisxx

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