Debbie (BEd Hons) was a primary school teacher prior to her ten year ICT advisor role within Essex LA where she was responsible for CPD. Within the LA role she developed support packages for schools and led a team of Leading Teachers to offer face to face training and school leadership support. After leaving the LA she founded ICTinspires with her collegue and channelled her extensive experience into creating internationally used curriculum resources and supporting local schools.

With this busy career in full swing, in 2013 she decided to raise £8,000 for Action Medical Research spending three weeks in Nepal trekking to Kala Patthar at over 5,600m. This journey of a lifetime game her an afinity with the people of Nepal they met and a desire to help them in any way they could.

On her return she linked up with a Settle based charity called Kids at School in Nepal, KASIN. This is a small charity whose remit is to improve education in the Kathmandu valley. She was so impressed with the passion of the KASIN trustees she decided to support them in any way she could.

With the tragic events the world has witnessed in Nepal, Deb has been looking for a way to raise much needed money to help ease the situation in some small way. With her love of adventure and wanting to stretch herself to attract more support, she decided to walk the Santiago de Compostela trail from southern France to Santago de Compostela in western Spain, a distance of some 500 miles (800k).

Deb hopes to entice friends and collegues to join her for smaller parts of the walk in an effort to increase awareness and raise further money.

Please follow the blog, there’s not much there at the moment but as we get nearer the start date and certainly during the walk there will be much to read. Please sponser me if you can.




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