Day 2 A Short One

img_0660.jpgAfter the shattering Day 1, yet to be posted, we decided to have a short walk of 12k. I say decided, we walked 12k and realised we couldn’t do any more! The big bonus in doing this is that we are now out of phase with the majority of pilgrims who are all going by the book. We aim to keep it that way as it’s much quieter. Our stop for the day was Viskarret and by lunchtime all the pilgrims had passed through and the small town was deserted. We found a suitable room over the village shop and purchased our fayre for the evening. The view was magnificent as we sat on our balcony in the sun, me writing my journal and Deb relaxing.

The evening fayre consisted of our usual cold meats, cheese, wine and bread. After that we retired for the night for some much needed sleep in the hope that our bodies would undergo some miracle rejuvenation. Now, during the day we were serenaded each hour by the delightful sound of the church bell. However, as the night progressed we realised this wasn’t going to stop for our benefit so we heard every hour on the hour with increasing fatigue until daylight lit the room. Hey ho, we’ll try for some sleep again tonight.

imageBreakfast consisted of an apple and some water from the communal fountain then we were off.

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