Day 3 Viskarret to Larrasoana

imageimageSetting off at 8:30am we left our haven for the night. Our bodies seemed back to normal in that they only complained when we walked and not when we rested. Our walk was in total isolation through open fields, shaded woodland and a few tiny hamlets. We walked up hills and down dales and steadily clocked up our 15k target. We stopped for a short rest where the trail crossed a major road.

imageimageHere we had our break of banana and water. While we were ‘feasting’ a mobile food van arrived and set up shop so, coffee and muffins added to the feast. By the time we entered Larrasoana at 1:30pm we were ready for a shower and a rest for the remainder of the day.

imageLarrasoana is a sleepy little town which seems to be closed all day. The lady owner of our room kindly made us an omelette followed by a slab of water melon and a coffee. Now sated, we’re lying on sun loungers chasing the sleep we were so unjustly deprived of the previous night. Hope we wake for dinner at 7:30pm.

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  1. Hope you guys are well rested. Loving the pictures. Looks very civilised so far……course that may well change….have fun and don’t forget the mint cake,

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