Day 4 Larrasoana to Pamplona

imageWe made it. Arrived at 2:00pm bang on schedule, thanks to that kindly motorist. I jest. I guess it’s us getting used to the walking regime. We certainly felt well rested after our stop in Larrasoana.


imageWe left at 8:30am after a meagre breakfast (wait till the review arrives). The walk out of Larrasoana was steep but through fields and woods. This pretty much set the scene for most of the day. It was easy going with more downs than ups.


imageWe stopped along the way for a drink at a cafe/bar which was a well used watering hole and appeared to be a meeting place for many people on the Camino. Watered, we pushed on.


imageimageAfter a short walk we emerged from the trees to be greeted by a Scottish lady who invited us to view her church attached to a convent and climb her bell tower. She even said we could ring her left bell but not the right one as it was broken. Sounds like a whole string of euphemisms here but no, she was on a sabbatical promoting the church. We duly climbed her bell tower, rung her bell and took photos to prove it. It’s amazing how easy it is to climb a bell tower without a back pack! Deb said I’ve cheapens this interlude in our day and she’s absolutely right. These are the sort of serendipitous moments that are few and far between and it was special for both of us. Did sound a bit double entendre though! We continued onward enjoying the countryside. As the Ks rolled by the landscape slowly changed as we descended into the outskirts of Pamplona.

We stopped for lunch at the Paradise bar which was not quite the vision of paradise I’d carried with me thus far in my life but the food was adequate and gave us the energy to complete the last leg. We marched on, well I marched on, Deb hobbled along in my wake like an overworked prostitute.

imageWalking over the medieval bridge and into the walled city gave us a sense of achievement although our feet somehow failed to appreciate the moment. Managed to find our 1 star hotel and after a shower we’re out exploring.


imageOur first discovery was two very large beers! Not to drink, just to soak our feet. Now we have the task of finding somewhere to eat tonight. I think tapas is calling. Tomorrow is a hard day to Uterga. Big climbs, long distance and hairy descents. Just the one bottle of wine tonight, each!

imageCouldn’t find a tapas bar that would feed us at 6:00 pm for some reason no one is taking into account how tired we are and they all wanted to open at 7:30 pm. We ended up in a mini market and purchased two packs of massive prawns, a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, some houmousĀ and some salad. Bliss, hotel table between the beds and the best meal anyone can have with the best company in the world, from my point of view anyway.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 Larrasoana to Pamplona”

  1. Hi you two. Sounds like its going well. Love the pics and the dialogue. Not sure Jim about the” overworked prostitute” ! I would like to know how you know how one walks . We are heading off on hols tomorrow, sun, sea, restaurants, comfy beds. Oh sorry, got carried away. Seriously we are inspired by what you are doing. Take care x

  2. Love the pictures, keep them coming. Accommodation looks ok at least you get a real bed! COMIC club says hi and enjoy your stroll whilst we all work hard at paws in the park on Sunday.

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