Day 5 Pamploma to Uterga

We left our humble abode at 8:30am after I explained that I’d lost the key to the room! I’m not allowed keys anymore.

imageWe walked out of Pamplona and into the countryside. Our walk today was 16k to Uterga but mostly uphill to the famous metal sculptures depicting pilgrims on their journey. The weather was cloudy today but still very warm. Much easier for walking. We could see the highest point as we climbed slowly upward.

imageAfter two hours walking and halfway to the summit we stopped for a lunch of Spanish omelette and tea. Rested and refreshed we set off for the top. We thought this was going to be a hard climb but I think day 1 must have set  the standard because we breezed up, even with one dodgy knee.

imageimageTimagehis was a great place to rest and reflect before the downward trek to our bed for the night. Although we’d climbed higher, this peak gave us a sense of achievement and, with the sculptures, an awareness of the pilgrims journey.

imageIn contrast to the journey up, the downward leg was steep, stoney and strenuous. How’s that? Alliteration thrown in at no extra charge! On our way down we were in lovey, dovey holding hands mode and a group of American/English walkers came up behind us and thought we looked ‘cute’ so, took a picture. I leave the reader to judge.

imageimageAfter a careful decent we reached the town of Uterga and booked in to our room. The room is one of five in a house, the other four were empty. Just as well as Deb wasn’t happy with the first (twin beds), she wasn’t happy with the second (too small) but the third was just right with private balcony, jacuzzi and extra space. Some days it’s not easy being a pilgrim!

Just back from our pilgrims dinner with two fellow travellers Angela from Michigan and Linda from Wales, three courses including a bottle of wine 12 euros! Good company, stories exchanged and now time for bed.

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  1. Hi you lovely Dovey couple!!!!! Good job you like each other, tough moments,interesting people,and great food so it seems!!!!! Well done, look after that knee! Lots of love

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