Day 6 Uterga to Puente la Riena

An easy start today as we only have a three hour walk to Puente la Reina. So, a leisurely walk to the town to pick up some food for breakfast on our terrace after which, we don our burden for our last walk this visit.

imageThe road out of Uterga rose gently through fields with beautiful views across the surrounding countryside. We could see our destination way off in the distance but it seemed no time at all before we were entering the outskirts of the medieval meeting place of the French and Spanish Caminos.

imageThis is a fitting place to end our first leg, no pun intended. We’ve clocked up 100k and can hopefully continue once Deb has the all clear.

As we walked through the ancient main street we met a young Costa Rican guy who we’d passed several days before. At that time he looked as if he’d been walking for about six weeks non-stop and was about to die. He clearly hadn’t and had revived sufficiently to overtake us! I wonder if he has any Japanese blood in his ancestry!? We chatted for a while and he told us his trainers had worn through to his feet and that’s why he didn’t look like he was coping too well. We escorted him to a local shoe shop and suggested he invest in some more suitable footwear.

We made our way to the town bus stop to check times for our return to Pamplona then settled down in a bar opposite for a coffee and another stamp in our Camino passports. We’re getting quite a collection now.

imageimageWe had two hours before the bus was due so we wandered round the town and walked half way across the Puente la Reina. We’ll walk the other half when we return.


imageWe returned to the bar and found the Costa Rican tucking into dinner with a smile on his face. The shop assistant had recommended inner soles for his shoes and his feet had been returned to a state of bliss. We had lunch and a beer before boarding the bus for the 30 minute journey back to Pamplona, a journey that had taken us two days to complete!

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    1. Thanks Sue. Would highly recommend the Camino!! It is such a fab experience and a great feeling of camaraderie with fellow travellers

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