End of Part One

Left our apartment at 10am for a leisurely walk to the bus station where we discovered there are no buses to Pamplona airport!? Hey, ho. We boarded a number 16 which, we were told, goes close. After about 20 minutes we saw the airport in the distance and assessed the best place to leap from the bus. I exaggerate slightly for dramatic effect. We walked to Noain, a nondescript little town and found a cafe to have coffee and an egg and bacon roll. We then walked towards the airport only to discover there was no pedestrian access. Forced to walk along the main dual carriageway with no pavements, we spent the next ten minutes watching the oncoming HGVs with great interest.

imageDeb suggested a shortcut onto a very wide road which went right past the control tower. We tried this for a short distance but had to get off quickly when we realised our mistake.


imageCheck-in was a breeze, now we can relax for a couple of hours before the plane arrives. As you may have guessed, Pamplona airport is small. Apart from three ladies checking in before us, we are the only other passengers. We’re talking small!

2 thoughts on “End of Part One”

  1. So I’m picking up on end of part one having just come back from hols. What does part two consist of? Hope you are both doing well and Debbies knee is holding up. Take care Dave and Tina

  2. Wow, what an adventure! You haven’t sold the accommodation to me especially the monastery on day 1 but its sounds like a fantastic experience. Good luck for stage 2 and many thanks for all the effort. from Pat, Liz an, Arthur and all those at KASIN

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