Rest Day in Pamplona

Up and out at 10:00am (you can tell it’s a rest day) after a breakfast of yoghurt and banana. Exploring Pamplona, starting at the food market then off to the bull ring. Food market was closed so we popped into the tourist information office to see what was open. Pretty much everything is closed including the bull ring!

imageimageAs we came out of the tourist office we heard a large explosion followed by hundreds upon hundreds of yellow t-shirted bike riders. This was either the most publicly planned bank robbery with no concept of  how beneficial a quick getaway would be to the overall success of the plan or a charity bike ride. Life’s highway has taught me that whilst most things are possible, probability would have to come down on the side of the charity bike ride. We waited for about 30 minutes for all the bikers to pass. I hope it wasn’t the bank raid as it will be the poorest payout in criminal history.

imageAs we made our way to the main square it was clear there were more festivities afoot. We watched a band of young drummers doing their thing, tried to book them for Running Well but they wanted travel expenses! I said I’m sure Chris will authorise 20 return flights to Spain and I know he and Sue will put them up for the night.

imageimageimageWe decided to follow the route of the bull run all the way to the bull ring and then made our way to a fantastic bronze sculpture perfectly depicting the action of the event.

imageWe returned to the square for lunch and enjoyed a leisurely meal soaking up the festive atmosphere. By now all the bank robbers were returning to the square looking fatigued but no richer.

We finished our meal and decided to walk the 5k perimeter of the walled city, you may well ask why, after walking 100k, I did. I was told it was too early to go back to the apartment and fall asleep! 5k later I’m lying horizontal updating the blog. Now I’ll fall asleeeeeep.

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  1. Hi, this is like a daily soap – addictive ! 🙂
    Really enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing.
    Take care xx

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