The Trek Begins

Left early to walk to Rayleigh, just a 3 mile hike to get us used to the back packs. Arrived in time for a coffee before catching the X30 to Stansted. Bus pass came in handy for me but youthful Deb had to pay £16! Ha, and they say it’s no fun getting old. Deb decided to sit at the back of the bus so getting the back packs down the gangway was like a scene from Airplane with few passengers avoiding a hair makeover.

imageMade it to Stansted and spent a leisurely few hours eating, then onto the plane. The safety talk advised us that ‘in the unlikely event that we should land in water, life jackets could be found either under the seat or above our heads’. Now, I don’t know about you but if I should suddenly find myself plummeting towards the ocean from 30,000 feet, I really don’t want to play hunt the f@?&# life jacket! Luckily, the flight was uneventful, which is exactly the way they should, although the landing was a bit slippy, slidy. Still, not so much to go wrong once you’re on the ground. Any mishap at that stage is confined to two dimensions.

Busy at the airport
Everone is getting on but why has the plane only got one engine?

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