Packing List

Today we started our packing list. Up in the loft to retrieve back packs that accompanied us so closely in Nepal. An hour or so reuniting ourselves with kit that served us so well in the Himalayas. Hey ho, another year, another challenge. Rather than the vertical challenge of the Himalayas, we will soon be embarking on the largely horizontal road that is the Camino. So, what do we need for our 800k jaunt?

It’s largely a balance between weight, necessity and how much or little you want to smell along the way. For my part I’m taking five pairs of underpants (I’m not ashamed of it), two pairs of trousers (detachable legs), and five wicking t-shirts. That should see me through two months although I’m not sure I’ll have many people standing close to me by then. Of course we’ll be washing along the way so it won’t be too bad.

Obviously, there will be other essential items such as a corkscrew and shoes and stuff but that’s not worth blog space. The important thing is, come the day we’ll be kitted out and ready to roll, laden with everything from wet wipes to emergency whistle, solar rechargers to nail clippers and insect repellent to scallop shell. We’ll be ready!

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