Setting up mobile posts

A new year and we’re focusing on the mechanics of our walk. 

In-going and out-going flights have been booked. All we have to do now is fill in the bit in the middle!

One important part is the ability to  add posts on the go from our iPhones so this is the test post with picture I hope. 

 Yep, there it is! Deb is testing out the very important wine stock that we’ll be taking with us. Who said this was going to be easy?  

2 thoughts on “Setting up mobile posts”

  1. Guys This will be such a great adventure – wish we could come but we will be watching as you go…..

    buena suerte y no beba mucho

    Sue & Chris

  2. Glad to see you are thinking of the important things!!!!it does look exciting….really…..have a very safe journey,look after each other lots of love Carole and Lorenzo xxx

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